Higher-Ed Fundraising Is Evolving: Evolve With Affinaquest’s Spring ‘21 Release

Higher-Ed Fundraising Is Evolving: Evolve With Affinaquest’s Spring ‘21 Release

Higher-Ed Fundraising Is Evolving: Evolve With Affinaquest’s Spring ‘21 Release
April 23, 2021 James Werner

The Affinaquest team is proud to announce another upgrade to our advancement platform, our Spring ‘21 Release. Within you will find a collection of changes designed with your institutional advancement office in mind, including changes to:

  1. Engagement Scoring
  2. SmartBatch
  3. Portfolio Alerts
  4. User-Based Security
  5. Activity Reports

In addition to those five major enhancements, we have also taken your feedback and incorporated updates to:

  1. Display Alerts in SmartBatch
  2. Notification of Date Adjustment Needed with Decease Utility
  3. And More!

With your feedback, we continue to update our product to seamlessly fold into your everyday higher ed fundraising and institutional advancement efforts. 

“The Affinaquest Spring ’21 release will allow for more streamlined gift processing with Gift/Pledge Correction and will provide new ways to find and rate donors and prospective donors with Engagement Scoring and Portfolio Alerts,” said Jill Steward, Affinaquest Project Manager.

Read on to learn about one of our largest updates yet.

Stay Engaged With Engagement Scoring

Engagement scores continue to be a key indicator of gifting for major gift officers at institutions in all industries. While engagement scores are built upon four standard categories (volunteer, philanthropic, experiential, and communications), we understand that engagement scores are weighted slightly differently at every institution.

Because every institution is different, we have created two new objects with engagement scoring in mind:

  1. Engagement Scoring Rule– The engagement scoring rule stores the actual rules used to make our engagement scores. This feature contains three points of focus:
    1. Engagement Score
      1. You now will have a new field on objects related to contacts
      2. You can now add them to the objects you are using
    2. Engagement Category
      1. You can further define what each category means and how much weight it is given.
    3. Engagement Override
      1. If you need to override a score, you can take the automatic trigger off. 
  2. Engagement Scoring Archive– Have you ever wondered if there is a correlation between a reunion year and a constituent’s engagement? How about if there is a general increase in alumni engagement during football season? With the Spring ‘21 Release, you can pull engagement scores at defined cadences (weekly, monthly, yearly) for analysis.

Updates To Gift Reconciliation With SmartBatch 

Managing Multiple Securities

With our Spring ‘21 Release, you can now have a single gift with multiple transactions for securities. In addition, you can now manually edit gift amounts.

Gift/Pledge Corrections

Now, your advancement office will be able to change the following to all gifts/pledges:

  1. Amount
  2. Date Due
  3. Designation
  4. Campaign
  5. Pledge Type
  6. Add additional payment transactions
  7. Remove payment transactions

In addition, you will be able to edit IRA distribution and trigger gifts to not be sent to accounting. Our system will automatically create voids, write-offs and new pledge transactions where applicable.

The Spring ‘21 Release also brings the addition of two objects to batch corrections:

  1. Batch Correction Items- This will hold the information that has been changed and counts for the display.
  2. Batch Correction Transactions- This will hold the void, write-off, and new transactions generated by the correction process.

Be In The Know With Portfolio Alerts

Over the last few months, we have been collaborating with DonorSearch. DonorSearch is the nations’ largest philanthropic database. Through the power of data analytics, DonorSearch measures a constituent’s capacity and willingness to give to your institution.

Affinaquest and DonorSearch have created a system to send alerts when a constituent has had a significant change to their wealth information. These changes include, but are not limited to:

  1. Increases in the number of states where a constituent owns property
  2. If a constituent has recently become an executive at or owner of a business
  3. Increases in the number of likely gifts to the arts, education, healthcare, and higher education

If there is a change of wealth detected on an unassigned prospect, your major gift officers will receive a notification. Alternatively, if one of your prospects has had a change in wealth, the major gift officer assigned will be notified.

These alerts will display on the home page and the contact page.

Make Updates Easy With User-Based Security

With each new Affinaquest release, there are always user-based security changes that have to be made around batch processing and batch closing.

To make upgrading and set-up easier, we’ve added new user-based security checks. Now Affinaquest can maintain these security checks, so your advancement office no longer has to worry about maintaining your portfolios and permission sets.

If there are new fields added in batch processing, Affinaquest will now be able to add those changes for you seamlessly: 

This user-based security update is available for:

  1. SmartBatch entry and closing for gifts, dues, and new correction batches
  2. Summary definitions
  3. Portfolio alerts
  4. Engagement scoring

Over time, we will continue to add these new user-based security rules across our entire advancement platform.

Stay Focused With Streamlined Activity Reports

We are proud to announce the release of more streamlined activity reports, so you can get to the bottom of the latest constituent activity more easily.

Additional Updates In The Spring ‘21 Release

We love hearing from our clients. As time permits, Affinaquest incorporates requests from our clients into our regular updates. 

Additional upgrades within the Spring ‘21 Release include:

  1. Display alerts in SmartBatch
  2. Display alerts in join and separate contact utilities
  3. Notification of date adjustment needed with decease utility
  4. The addition of professional suffixes
  5. Manual entry of securities total
  6. Option in name formatting to have two names when one has a suffix
  7. Run “InitialMostRecentCalculations” only for accounts newly created from utilities
  8. Opportunity pop-up option
  9. Owner unit added to:
    1. Transactions
    2. Batch Items
    3. Batch Pledge WriteOff
    4. Batch Correction (new object)

Affinaquest would not be as robust and comprehensive without the help and input from our clients. Is there an update you’d like to see in our next release? We’d love to hear from your advancement office.

Connect with and cultivate your constituents in one powerful system.