The future of meaningful affinity in college athletics and advancement is here.

Affinity drives the connection between alumni, fans, students, and other key contributors and their collegiate athletic programs and universities leading to the success of the institution as a whole. It is personal, somewhat fragile and, ultimately, the reason anyone opens an email, buys a ticket, wears a t-shirt, or endows a chair. Until now, it has been built and maintained with a mix of hard-won experience, the relentless effort by university employees, and a healthy dose of luck.

We are here to change that.

We have been working diligently to assemble a company of subject-matter experts and technologies that make us the best solution for institutions of higher education seeking to maximize the yield of their Institutional Advancement, Collegiate Athletics, and Alumni Relations efforts.  We encourage you to learn more about our enterprise-wide solution that encompasses constituent data aggregation, constituent engagement, data enrichment, fundraising, revenue optimization, and predictive analytics.

To sharpen our focus in these vital areas, we have taken the definitive step of divesting our professional sports and entertainment business along with the prominent name we built in the space, SSB. Whether you joined our valued client community through SSB or a relationship with companies we acquired like HEPdata, Aluminate, or Affinaquest, we are now driving into the future as Affinaquest and the expert passion for affinity the brand implies.

We are committed to leading and serving the higher education community as no one else can. From today on, you can expect:

  • The same great products and service
  • A refinement to our brand and website experience
  • Exciting product evolution
  • Our unrelenting commitment to our client relationships. (Please contact us with any questions.)

Our landmark solution’s rich capabilities will continue to transform your relationships with constituents who mean the most to your organization: alumni, donors, students, and fans. By further empowering you to engage and nurture relationships, we enable you to build greater affinity with your constituents; thereby ensuring the achievement of your institutional missions.

Affinaquest is the path to affinity and beyond. Let’s move into the future of meaningful engagement together.

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