Revolutionize your Campaigns with Predictive Analytics

Elevate fundraising, surpass sales goals, and optimize decision-making with precise targeting and data-driven insights.

The Value of Predictive Analytics

It Matters

Your advancement team is launching a new, ambitious campaign and is searching for constituents with the propensity and capacity to donate.

However, you have many contacts in your database. Without knowing who to prioritize with limited time and staff, your campaign may miss the mark.

Your athletics sales staff is launching season ticket renewals and needs to know which fans may be fence-sitters and unsure of their purchase decision.

With Predictive Analytics, the sales team can prioritize personal outreach to these fans, maximize the impact of their time, and hit a bullseye with their targeted communications.

Key Features and Benefits

Machine Learning Models to Answer Mission Critical Questions

Answer important questions such as “Who will be your next major donor?” or “Who is most likely to renew their season tickets?” Gain a competitive edge with accurate predictions and data-driven insights to address diverse scenarios in university advancement and collegiate athletics.

Comprehensive Model Building

If the data exists, we can build a model for it. Integrate data feeds from advancement or collegiate athletics data streams into our Client Data Platform, Central Intelligence, to feed available and relevant data to our machine learning models for scoring.

Continuous Model Improvement

Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously refine and improve our models. Through rigorous analysis and iterative updates, your predictions become increasingly accurate and reliable, empowering you to make data-informed decisions with confidence.

Unlock Fundraising Potential

Focus your energy where it matters most. With precise scoring and targeting, identify high-potential prospects, prioritize fundraising and sales efforts, and allocate resources efficiently and effectively.

Enhance Engagement

Personalize your interactions, messaging, and stewardship efforts. Leverage predictive insights to understand constituent behavior, preferences, and giving patterns. Build stronger relationships, foster deeper engagement, and create meaningful connections with your constituents.

The Progression
of Analytics

Affinaquest’s solutions enable you to seamlessly act upon advanced insights, from descriptive, to diagnostic, to predictive analytics.

Descriptive Analytics

“What happened?” – Capture revenue reports, pipeline, and conversion rates.

Diagnostic Analytics

“Why did it happen?” – Measure revenue attribution, renewal analysis, and key sales indicators.

Predictive Analytics

“What will happen in the future?” – Identify who may be your next major donor, or who may be likely to renew season tickets.

Unlock the Power of Predictive Analytics with Affinaquest

Uncover actionable insights, optimize fundraising and sales initiatives, and enhance fan engagement with accurate, data-driven targeting.

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