Maximize Revenue and Donation Potential with Central Intelligence

Unify, consolidate, and cleanse key constituent data to reveal previously hidden contacts.

The Value of Central Intelligence

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Data Collection & Integration:

Gather data from multiple sources, such as websites, mobile apps, ticketing systems, CRM systems, social media platforms, email marketing tools, and more.

Unify Data and Overcome Silos:

Put the days of disparate data behind you. Create a single customer profile that brings together all available information related to an individual customer, eliminating data silos.

Profile Building:

As data is collected and unified, build detailed constituent profiles – a holistic view of each customer’s behavior, preferences, and interactions across various touchpoints.

Real-time Updating:

Continuously update your constituent profiles in real time. Ensuring information reflects the most recent interactions or changes.


Once your data is integrated and cleansed, segment your donors, fans, and alumni into distinct groups based on shared characteristics or behaviors.

Marketing Automation Integration:

Integrate data from your marketing automation platform to automate personalized marketing campaigns based on customer behaviors and attributes.

Analytics and Insights:

Integrate Central Intelligence with our powerful analytics tools to gain insights from your data. This can include understanding constituent journeys, identifying trends, predicting behaviors, and evaluating the success of marketing efforts.

Data Privacy and Compliance:

CI includes features that help manage constituent data privacy and comply with regulations like GDPR or CCPA.

Learn More About Predictive Analytics:

Integration with Other Systems

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With integrations to a wide range of source systems, we’ll maximize your data strategy.

Your Constituent Data Holds Untapped Potential

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