Affinaquest’s Advancement RM: Leveraging Salesforce Clouds for Higher Education Advancement Fundraising

In the dynamic, highly nuanced landscape of higher education and advancement, recognizing the unique needs of each institution is central to Affinaquest’s mission. Continuous innovationisn’t just a value of oursit’s a commitment to meeting clients where they are and ensuring that foundational needs are not just met but exceeded.

  • Interoperability with Salesforce: Affinaquest offers a configurable, out-of-the-box solution built on Salesforce’s world-class platform to allow for innovation and growth in an ever-changing market. This interoperability enables us to scale our solution at pace with Salesforce and configure Advancement RM to any Salesforce cloud. As Salesforce invests in its new Education Cloud environment, Affinaquest is committed to providing exceptional value to all clients, whether they are on Education, Sales, or Service Cloud. 
  • Advancement RM and Education Cloud: The introduction of Salesforce Education Cloud brings a shift towards a more holistic view of individual records, merging “Account” and “Contact” objects into a single “Person Account” model. For some schools, this model offers advantages, particularly for tracking students through their lifecycle, from enrollment to alumni. For clients on Education Cloud, Advancement RM will be implemented and configured so teams can take full advantage of those new object-based features. Our architecture will ensure a consistent, unified product to meet the distinct requirements of each institution, regardless of Salesforce cloud. 
  • Commitment to Client-Centric Innovation: Affinaquest continues to invest in our solution in service to the higher education community. We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional value and earning our clients’ trust. By offering scalable, configurable solutions that thrive within Salesforce’s dynamic ecosystem, Affinaquest not only addresses today’s challenges but is designed to grow with the future needs of our clients. 

Speak with an Affinaquest advancement expert today and learn firsthand how Advancement RM extends native Salesforce capabilities to accelerate your fundraising. 

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