CEO James Werner to Present at AASP Summit 2018

CEO James Werner to Present at AASP Summit 2018
October 18, 2018 Affinaquest

Affinaquest Chief Executive Officer James Werner is one of the highly experienced leaders in CRM and advancement services who has been tapped to present at Summit 2018, the premier event of the Association of Advancement Services Professionals on November 14-16 in Chicago.

james wernerHe will be presenting a CRM practicum “Lessons Learned: Conversion of a Legacy Advancement System to a Modern CRM at Arizona State University” along with Melissa Kwilosz, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Arizona State University, an Affinaquest client.

The practicum will explore the many aspects and processes involved in CRM conversion, including selection, implementation, best practices, and biggest pitfalls. They will also address what to look for in a modern CRM, setting milestones, involving (and exciting!) development officers, leveraging IT, and several other essential topics that universities and leading nonprofits must consider as they take this important step.

The presentation is part of the Technology and Trends track in the breakout session at 4:15 p.m. on November 14 called “Beyond Training: Getting Your Users to Embrace New Ways of Working.”

Affinaquest is a proud Silver sponsor of Summit 2018. Learn more and register for the conference here. To arrange a private consultation with Affinaquest during the summit, email

For more than 25 years, James Werner has devoted his career to advancement and education technology—ever since he worked in the fundraising call center at UCLA as a graduate student. A visionary who has worked in a leadership capacity in EdTech firms of all sizes, Werner has helped hundreds of institutions select and implement world-class systems to measurably improve performance across all of their business units. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Affinaquest in early 2018 to lead a firm known worldwide for its cutting-edge technology, powerfully integrated system, and highly innovative team and partners.

As Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Arizona State University, Melissa Kwilosz leads research and prospect management, gift administration and database management, analytics and insights, and information resource management departments. Prior to joining Arizona State in 2007, she was Associate Director of Annual Giving at Tulane University, where she earned her MBA.

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