SSB and HEPdata are now Affinaquest! Since the publication of this press release, we announced our new brand and the vision behind it. To learn more, read Introducing the New Era of Affinaquest. For details about our current products and services, visit or contact our team today.

SSB & HEPdata are thrilled to announce a new partnership. Qgiv, a leading provider of nonprofit fundraising technology, offers a new matching gift integration with HEPdata, the leading matching gift data and software provider for nonprofits and higher education institutions.

“We are excited to offer donors a seamless way to check their matching gift eligibility and increase their support for organizations through Qgiv,” said Todd Baylis, CEO and co-founder of Qgiv, Inc. “By instantly enabling donors to check their eligibility and submit their matching gift requests, the HEPdata integration is increasing donor engagement and helping the nonprofits we serve raise more.”

In addition to adding matching gift searches to their donation forms, Qgiv clients will have the ability to see the steps donors have taken to access matching gifts and report on existing matching gift revenue. This will help fundraisers better promote matching gift opportunities and close the gap in unused matching dollars.

“We have worked closely with Qgiv to develop an integration that helps solve the two largest matching gift challenges faced by nonprofits and educational organizations: identifying matching gift opportunities and driving them to completion,” said Teddy Callow, Vice President of HEPdata. “The HEPdata integration helps donors and nonprofits through each stage of identifying and accessing a matching gift—from donation, to match registration, to match disbursement.”

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