Enabling Advancement teams to succeed by fostering alumni affinity

Affinaquest’s proprietary higher education advancement ecosystem grows fundraising levels, enriches donor engagement, and improves operational efficiencies.



Capitalize on donations and matching gift opportunities that take your fundraising to new heights. With Affinaquest, you have the tools at your fingertips to grow total donors and increase the amount, frequency, and source of gifts.



Achieve a deeper understanding of past, present, and potential donors. Affinaquest transforms your fundraising campaigns through automation, personalization, and precise segmentation for easy use and more intelligent targeting.



Spend less time trying to aggregate your data and more time on what you can do with your data. Affinaquest automates challenging tasks like workflows, matching gifts, and data hygiene, so you and your staff can proactively focus on strategy. Affinaquest can also easily connect your data with 3rd party and partner sources.

Advancement RM

Put Constituents First

Improve fundraising and build stronger relationships by creating a seamless donor experience. Advancement RM is CRM software built to meet the complex needs of Advancement teams.

Put Constituents First

Central Intelligence

C o m p r e h e n s i v e C o n s t i t u e n t V i e w

Connect 100+ systems to consolidate and clean multiple source system records to produce a winning “Golden Record” for each customer. Use it to power more personal connections.

C o m p r e h e n s i v e C o n s t i t u e n t V i e w

Matching Gifts

B o o s t M a t c h i n g G i f t s R e v e n u e

Securing donations from generous patrons is rewarding but challenging, so we’ve made doubling those dollars with gift matching easy.

B o o s t M a t c h i n g G i f t s R e v e n u e

Data Enrichment

I d e n t i f y N e w P r o s p e c t s

Affinaquest’s data enrichment solution offers the information you need to build a complete profile of your prospects and donors. Direct your resources to the biggest opportunities for impact.

I d e n t i f y N e w P r o s p e c t s


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