Enabling nonprofits to succeed by fostering donor affinity

Affinaquest helps nonprofit organizations fuel their mission by growing fundraising revenue, increasing donor engagement, and providing better data.


Increase Donations

Capitalize on donations and matching gift opportunities that take your fundraising to new heights. With Affinaquest, you have the tools at your fingertips to grow total donors and increase the amount, frequency, and source of gifts.


Your Donors

There are three ways that you can collect information on your donors: 1) Access information donors share through surveys and feedback; 2) Track donor actions, such as donations and email engagement; and 3) Append demographic, biological and other third party data to donor records. Affinaquest allows you to do all three in one place to enrich your data and make decisions based on what you know and not what you think.


Drive Donor

Capturing donors’ attention and getting them to take action during annual fundraising campaigns is more challenging than it’s ever been. Affinaquest transforms fundraising by simplifying the donation matching and data enrichment process, maximizing campaign impact.


Fuel Your

Your mission drives everything. Whatever your mission is — healthcare, child welfare, education, or policy changes — donor engagement and giving are the lifeblood of nonprofit operations. Affinaquest automates challenging tasks like matching gifts and data enrichment so you and your team can proactively focus on your mission and enhance the impact of every donation.

Nonprofits We Work With


Advancement RM

Put Constituents First

Improve fundraising and build stronger relationships by creating a seamless donor experience. Advancement RM is CRM software built to meet the complex needs of Advancement teams.

Put Constituents First

Matching Gifts

B o o s t M a t c h i n g G i f t s R e v e n u e

Securing donations from generous patrons is rewarding but challenging, so we’ve made doubling those dollars with gift matching easy.

B o o s t M a t c h i n g G i f t s R e v e n u e

Data Enrichment

I d e n t i f y N e w P r o s p e c t s

Affinaquest’s data enrichment solution offers the information you need to build a complete profile of your prospects and donors. Direct your resources to the biggest opportunities for impact.

I d e n t i f y N e w P r o s p e c t s

Transform Fundraising with Affinaquest

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