LSU’s Journey to Maximizing ROI: Valuing an Evolving Data Strategy

In today’s competitive collegiate sports environment, leveraging data-driven intelligence is key to maintaining an engaged, passionate fan base. Whether you’re looking to refine your athletic department’s strategy or boost revenue through informed decisions, this webinar will provide examples to guide your journey.

Join Steve Hank, Executive Vice President for Collegiate Athletics at Affinaquest, and special guest Gabe Merville, Director of Analytics, Strategy, and Revenue Integration at LSU Athletics, for a dynamic discussion. Dive into LSU’s transformative journey, from introducing these new strategies to achieving impressive incremental revenue growth and ROI. Learn actionable strategies for applying data in your department and engage in a Q&A session to get your questions answered. Register now to watch on demand!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Sticking to your data strategy
    • New tactics to harness insights and achieve actionable reporting.
  • Evolving with your data
    • Enhancing your data strategy as new information comes in and iterating to ensure it remains robust and responsive to your athletic department’s changing needs.
  • Navigating challenges
    • How to overcome obstacles with data and business intelligence.
  • Celebrating success
    • Real-world stories of ROI wins facilitated by data insights, alongside strategies for securing support from key stakeholders.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of Affinaquest’s most successful clients!

Meet the Speakers

Gabe Merville

Director of Analytics, Strategy and Revenue Integration
LSU Athletics

Steve Hank

EVP, Collegiate Athletics

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