Analytics and BI

Analytics and business intelligence (BI) have come a long way in the past few years. From traditional reporting tools, to sophisticated predictive analytics, Affinaquest users can now consume data in remarkable ways.

Traditional Reporting

From Cognos™, to Crystal Reports™, to Oracle BI™, your existing reporting tools can continue to serve you in the Affinaquest environment. So whether you’re running SQL queries from your data warehouse, or employing a wide array of industry-standard tools, Affinaquest data is readily exportable, and always at your fingertips.

crystal reports

Salesforce Reporting

Using simple “drag and drop” tools, even lightly trained users can access an enormous amount of actionable data in the form of lists and dashboards. Pulling data across and between classes, organizing disparate variables, and testing views has never been easier.


Granular and Multi-Variable Analysis

Easily embed tools such as Salesforce Einstein™ and Tableau™ directly into the Affinaquest interface. Your users will be delighted with the one-stop-shop that allows them to have a truly 365-degree view of their individual practice areas. From major gifts officers, to senior management, data access and manipulation will simply delight your users.


AI and Machine Learning

At its best, Artificial Intelligence thinks – and makes decisions – like we would, if we had limitless amounts of time and processing power. Affinaquest has partnered with leading-edge developers of this exciting new technology to keep your team two steps ahead. With Gravyty™, development officers can automatically receive suggested next steps, plan trips, and gain insight into the thinking of their prospects. And it can all be managed from the convenience of their email inbox!


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