Affinaquest Selected for Collegiate Athletics Documentary on Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

Affinaquest will be featured on the acclaimed documentary series, Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid. This award-winning series produces educational documentaries on a range of topics including business, technology, education, and more – focused on highlighting innovative organizations around the world. Viewpoint is distributed nationwide on Public Television as interstitial programming, and this episode will be available for circulation for one year.

This upcoming episode highlights the tumultuous world of collegiate athletics with new demands and extreme turnover, and the critical role of data, intelligence, and analytics in overcoming these challenges. In the face of uncertainty, it is crucial athletic departments develop innovative revenue streams, drive fan engagement, and achieve efficiencies to maximize their limited resources. Affinaquest clients nationwide understand revealing hidden fans – constituents who engage through digital channels, merchandise, or other meaningful ways, yet unable to be identified and reached due to siloed operational systems – is the key to developing personalized campaigns and generating sustainable revenue growth.

With actionable intelligence about fans and donors, athletic departments reveal these hidden fans and better understand their needs and interests. Harnessing this power, athletic departments can better deliver personalized communications to connect with fans on an individual level, driving affinity for and engagement with their programs and student-athletes. Modern fans, especially younger generations, seek an authentic experience, requiring athletic departments to be equipped with tools to foster fan engagement in meaningful and personalized ways.

In the documentary, Steve Hank, Executive Vice President for Collegiate Athletics at Affinaquest, is joined by Dan Stahl, Associate Athletic Director for Revenue Generation and Business Intelligence at University of South Carolina, and Patrick Nowlin, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Business Innovation and Revenue Generation at University of Notre Dame. Together, they will share their recommendations, successes, and unique visions for driving innovative growth in collegiate athletics through modern, data-driven strategies.

About Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

The Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid show is a Telly award-winning documentary series. Viewpoint is distributed explicitly across public television stations nationwide. Producers, writers, and editors tie together each episode, using their collective decades of experience working in educational TV.

About Affinaquest

Affinaquest empowers colleges and universities to unlock their data potential. We are more than software; we empower clients to be the architects of their success. Offering unparalleled business intelligence, advanced data analytics, and advanced CRM software native to the Salesforce platform, we enable clients to surface opportunities for increased and more personal engagement, resulting in incremental revenue growth. Together, we drive the quest for affinity and create lasting connections that shape your institution’s future.

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