An Executive Workshop:
Optimizing Revenue, Engagement, and Efficiency

Driving Revenue Excellence, a Workshop for Your Success

Amidst the turmoil across collegiate athletics, the pursuit of new revenue streams is paramount to survival and success. Despite the uncertainty, athletic departments must not forget about the foundation of their legacies – their fans.

Introducing an exclusive opportunity for your athletic department leaders to gain valuable insights that pave the way to exceeding revenue goals without expanding your team.

At Affinaquest, we recognize the challenges modern athletic programs face, and distractions that interfere with maximizing data and intelligence already at your disposal. That’s why we’re offering a unique opportunity to partner with our experienced athletics business professionals for an Executive Workshop to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current processes and practices.

"Universities for decades have relied on the same groups of deep-pocketed donors, going back to them time and again... It's high time to expand that donor base."

Eric Prisbell, On3 Sports
"Battle between athletic departments, NIL collectives over donor dollars real"

Introducing Steve Hank

Steve Hank, Executive Vice President for Collegiate Athletics at Affinaquest, is uniquely prepared to assess your department and provide actionable recommendations.

Prior to joining Affinaquest, Steve spent 14 years leading collegiate athletics external teams as Chief Revenue Officer at the University of Texas at Austin and as Associate Athletic Director at Arizona State University. Steve has experience with contract negotiation, sponsorship management, media rights and valuation, ticket sales and service, development, marketing, branding, licensing, and concessions and merchandise management. He has also presented as a speaker at dozens of conferences including Sports Business Journal’s World Congress of Sports and Intercollegiate Athletics Forums, Sports Marketing Association, NACDA, NACMA, and NCAA Convention.

What To Expect

Our experienced collegiate athletics professionals will engage with your team to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current revenue generation processes and practices. During the workshop, we’ll delve deep into:

Data Analysis

We’ll discuss your current data collection sources, from ticket sales and digital engagement to donations and merchandise. What do you have access to? Where can you grow?

Workflow Evaluation

We’ll evaluate how your team processes this data. How and where is it collected and analyzed? Where are areas for streamlining and optimization?

Department Structure

We’ll review your current staffing and structure, including identifying champions and specialists. Which units are understaffed? Which roles are responsible for your campaigns and revenue generation? How can your current staff work more efficiently?

Campaign Models

We’ll learn more about your current ticket sales and fundraising campaigns. What are your campaign timelines and communication channels? Where are roadblocks to improving or refining your current models?

Identifying Challenges

We’re dedicated to understanding the unique challenges your athletic department faces. By diving into your processes and data, we’ll pinpoint the pain points and hurdles that are holding you back from achieving record-breaking revenue and fundraising results.

Opportunity Discovery

Our experts will work alongside your team to uncover untapped potential and game-changing opportunities that might be hidden within your data. These insights can lead to revenue growth and enhanced engagement without the need for additional headcount.

Why Affinaquest?

At Affinaquest, we’re your trusted source for data solutions tailored exclusively for collegiate athletics departments.

Our team isn’t just another group of tech experts; we’ve walked in your shoes, worked on campuses across the nation, and spearheaded marketing and fundraising efforts at top-tier athletic departments. We understand the daily challenges you face, and we’re ready to team up with your department to make a real impact.

Affinaquest proudly provides data solutions to more than 30 elite collegiate athletic departments. We’re not sitting on the sidelines – we’re right there on the field with the most forward-thinking professionals in collegiate athletics, driving revenue growth and igniting fan engagement. And the best part? You don’t necessarily need to hire more staff – we’ve got the expertise to steer your department towards victory.

Ready to win? Let’s talk!

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