Predictive Analytics

Automatically Identify
Your Next Targets


Intuitive Scores
for Every Fan

Every athletic department is unique, and the same is true for its fan and donor base. Affinaquest’s Predictive Analytics scores your data, calculates scores based on your variables, and quantifies a fan’s likelihood of renewing, purchasing or do- nating. Now, you can identify your next big donor and maximize new ticket sales, renewals, and fundraising efforts.


Optimize Current

There are only so many days until the next game, event, or deadline. Spend your time and resources where they make a difference. Affinaquest’s Predictive Analytics prioritizes ticket- ing, renewal, and giving opportunities, so you’re working smarter, not harder while driving incremental revenue.


Intelligence At
Your Fingertips

Powerful information integrated into your systems ensure you are always aimed towards the highest potential impact. Affinaquest’s Predictive Analytics gives you access to fan scores within the tools your team uses daily: CRM, marketing automation and email systems, reporting, even social media!

Predictive Analytics answers questions
that drive your bottom line.

Season Ticket Renewals

Which season ticket members are most likely to renew?

How can I prioritize my outreach and resources to create maximum impact?

Which season ticket members are at risk or on the fence and need attention?

Which accounts are primed for an upgrade or cross-sell?

New Season Tickets

Who should we target?

What should we offer them?

Who should we call first? In what order?

How should I allocate my limited resources?


Who is the next major gift donor?

Which new and/or young donors are most likely to be future major gift donors?

How can we optimize the acquisition and retention strategy for annual giving?

Which prospects should be in my gift officers’ portfolios?

Innovate With The Best In The Game

University of Washington Scores Quick Wins with Affinaquest’s Propensity Scores

Find out how the University of Washington used Affinaquest’s Predictive Analytics to uncover thousands of prospects for its sales team and generate over $50,000 worth of tickets.

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