Engage Prospective

Connect with more prospects by saving time on routine tasks

Prioritize your day with dynamic filters that speed up productivity

Manage opportunities in the CRM system by adding a potential partner to your pipeline, including contact relationship details, communications, and activities

Build Targeted

Manage your day effectively using the intuitive sales tracking pipeline on the homepage and in-depth prospect information in one simple view on the contact record

Quickly build out a new proposal or copy a previous one to hold the inventory once a new lead is qualified

Assemble deals, build contracts, and track execution with intuitive inventory tracking capabilities

Manage Inventory
& Contracts

Monitor sales performance to track what inventory is in demand and what needs a boost, then strategically adjust the pricing accordingly

Manage your inventory limits to avoid overselling and keep a close eye on your availability

Efficiently manage contract terms, specific notes, inventory units sold, and revenue in one view

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