Affinaquest: Revolutionizing How Elite Collegiate Athletics Departments Use Data to Boost Revenue and Supercharge Fan Engagement

February 22, 2024—With the changing needs of collegiate athletics, Affinaquest is revolutionizing how athletic departments leverage data to drive growth, enhance fan engagement, and attract new donors. Established in 2008 by data management experts in collegiate athletics, Affinaquest specializes in fostering campus affinity by unlocking fan data.  

As the pioneers of Golden Record Management (GRM) in collegiate athletics, Affinaquest stands alone in streamlining and enhancing constituent data to make it actionable and accessible. Meaningful insights derived from data ensure teams can connect with previously hidden fans to maximize ticket revenues, optimize donations, and enhance ancillary revenue sources. 

Steve Hank, Executive Vice President of Collegiate Athletics at Affinaquest, says, “Universities are currently sitting on gold mines of data that are locked away in silos they can’t access. Affinaquest understands the value of that data and exists solely to maximize our clients’ results. With Affinaquest, client data is exclusively owned by and managed for clients to drive ticket sales, donations, and unprecedented new fan engagement.” 

Today, over 30 elite athletic departments benefit from using Affinaquest’s unparalleled data platform to drive performance. Using Affinaquest’s solution, the Gamecocks of the University of South Carolina increased revenue by $2.25 million in 18 months with the addition of 4,500+ passionate new ticket buyers leading to $1.7 million in new ticket sales and 800+ new benefactors leading to $570,000 in donations. “There were people out there wearing Gamecocks shirts who were our biggest fans and we didn’t know who they were. Affinaquest introduced us,” said Dan Stahl, Associate AD, Revenue Generation and Business Intelligence, University of South Carolina.  

Affinaquest is committed to ensuring our clients have the right data for success, to ignite passion and connection among their most enthusiastic fans. The measure of Affinaquest’s success extends beyond numbers; it’s reflected in the bonds within the athletic community and an enriched fan experience. Visit here to learn more. 

About Affinaquest 

Affinaquest empowers colleges and universities to unlock their data potential. Offering unparalleled business intelligence, advanced data analytics, and innovative CRM software native to the Salesforce platform, Affinaquest equips clients to be the architects of their success – surfacing opportunities for increased and more personal engagement, resulting in incremental revenue growth. Together, we drive the quest for affinity and create lasting relationships that shape your institution’s future. 

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