Your Fundraising Goals Are In Sight With Our Winter ‘21 Release

Your Fundraising Goals Are In Sight With Our Winter ‘21 Release

Your Fundraising Goals Are In Sight With Our Winter ‘21 Release
January 18, 2021 James Werner

At Affinaquest, we are continually working to advance our system, so you can future-proof your Advancement office. 

2020 has been filled with hurdles and learning experiences; we know that with our Winter ‘21 Release, you will be prepared for anything 2021 may send your way.

“Your success is truly our success,” said Jeff Shy, founder + CTO, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns as you read this release, do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you.”

The Winter ‘21 Release contains 3 core updates, which include:

– Portfolio Reassignment

– Child Display Component 

– User Goals

Read on for the full update. 

Adapt To Change Easily With Portfolio Reassignments

You can now mass reassign prospects. 

If a major gift officer has recently changed positions, you can now transfer his/her current opportunities to another gift officer at the click of a button.

Portfolio reassignment is also particularly helpful with department restructuring when opportunities are often switching hands. 

It’s All In The Family: Child Display Component

To truly make connections with your constituents, you need to know what they value. What’s more important to a constituent than their children?

We now have a child display component that displays the child’s:

  • Full name
  • Institution (and campus)
  • Area of Study
  • Degree/Diploma
  • Graduation Year
  • Student Status

Knowing where a constituent’s child has been attending school can inform you, as a gift officer, on how to approach gifting opportunities in addition to offering personalized conversation. 

Instead of starting a fundraising call with, “How are you?,” you can now inquire about your constituent’s child with confidence, “Zoe’s wrapping up her business degree at Affinaquest University this year, how is that going?”

Set The Bar High With User Goals

Rise to the occasion with our actionable user goal tool.

WIth User goals, goals are created with a component, like summaries, and then snapshot reports are used to show progress toward goals.

With MGO goals, you input information such as:

  • Goal Label
  • Classification
  • Interval
  • Number to Create
  • Start Date
  • Goal Default

With that information, you can start fundraising and reach your goal one visit, call, pledge, or gift at a time.

And There’s More in Winter ‘21 Release…

We didn’t stop with Portfolio Reassignment, Child Display Components, and User Goals.

We have two components ready for beta testing in Q1 2021: iATS Integration and Portfolio Alerts.

Processing Gifts With The iATS Integration

We are proud to announce a new prototype integration with iATs, which is a payment processor designed for non-profits. This integration is something both your advancement and accounting offices will be able to support.

iATS is proven in the non-profit world for many reasons, some of which are:

  • The tool allows you to process international, ACH, USD credit card, and CDN payments on one platform.
  • With over 14,000 nonprofit organizations using their system, iATS has the experience and bandwidth to handle massive amounts of transactions coming through the system.
  • iATs has level 1 PCI compliance, protecting both your donors and your organization from fraud.

Updates, Instantly with Portfolio Alerts

Our next update, which is portfolio alerts, is in its prototype phase. We are always welcome to feedback and are interested to learn how these alerts can be better suited to your everyday work.

Portfolio alerts will display on the right side of the home screen and will provide you with a snapshot of the latest activity in your portfolio. 

Think of portfolio alerts as your push notifications, a concise look at the latest activity, perfect for providing fundraising updates to the team in meetings. 

What’s Next For Affinaquest?

In 2020, we were proud to have Release 14, Release 15, Release 16, and the Winter ‘21 Release. We never stop future-proofing our system, so you can focus on what’s most important: creating meaningful connections with your constituents. 

We consider ourselves part of your team and we want you to feel comfortable calling upon us should you have any questions or ideas. 

We want to continue to emphasize user involvement that is impactful and results in making your institution more efficient and effective. Your participation is important to us, the customer advocacy center is important to us, we want to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s going on,” said Jeff Shy, Founder and CTO.

What would you like to see in a future release? Let us know!


The Affinaquest Advantage

At Affinaquest, we know there have been differences between various generations of donors and how they interact with their schools in the past. However, many of those differences are now being stripped away as we embrace this new normal brought on by COVID-19.

Comfort levels with technology are becoming stronger as more people acclimate to a more remote lifestyle. That’s why we’re proud to have our CRM built on the Salesforce platform. As Salesforce is constantly evolving to adopt new technology, our CRM continues to future-proof itself through this partnership giving you the tools to be adapt and succeed.

Ready to secure better opportunities for advancement for your institution? Request a demo and see how Affinaquest can give you an advantage in creating an engagement score system that helps you create and nurture the constituent relationships you need to secure the funds for your school’s future.

Connect with and cultivate your constituents in one powerful system.