What’s Next For Affinaquest?

What’s Next For Affinaquest?

What’s Next For Affinaquest?
August 2, 2021 James Werner

At Affinaquest, our vision is a world where nothing stands between generosity and the pursuit of knowledge. In helping our customers connect more deeply with their constituents, we are taking the steps to advance ourselves. Last month, we announced Affinaquest’s next chapter to great fanfare: our acquisition by SSB.

Our acquisition by SSB only solidifies the foundation we have been building upon for decades. When Affinaquest was founded 30 years ago, it was designed from the perspective of both back-end administration and front-end tools for higher education fundraisers. Many product updates later, our team has continued to keep generosity and the pursuit of knowledge top of mind. 

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Advancing Affinaquest’s Advancement Solution

The core of fundraising is composed of our constituents. A major gift officer getting to know a specific constituent at a granular level is pivotal for any organization’s future. Now, more than ever, we have the data to better understand a constituent before making a connection with him/her. 

Together, SSB and Affinaquest offer a robust toolkit for fundraisers that fosters the long-term, meaningful and personalized connections your organization needs to thrive in today’s environment. 

“With the acquisition of Affinaquest, SSB now offers the most comprehensive suite of software solutions on the market to power the fundraising operations of higher education and nonprofit organizations,” explains Mike Banville, CEO of SSB. “We are committed to driving innovative solutions that further our clients’ missions while also forming deep and lasting relationships with key constituents and donors.”  

This acquisition creates a one-stop-shop for your advancement office to create and meet your fundraising goals:

1. Produce a clean, deduplicated golden record for all constituents using SSB’s Central Intelligence Platform

– Central Intelligence is SSB’s proprietary data management solution that connects data systems across your organization to drive revenue growth, increase constituent engagement, and create operational efficiencies.

    • How it Works:
      1. Connects and Cleans Data From Across Your Organization
      2. Accesses Actionable Insights in CRM, Email, and Data Visualization Tools
      3. Creates Meaningful Engagement That Drives Fundraising and Loyalty

2. Automatically identify prospective donors using Affinaquest’s CRM.

3. Target new opportunities for matching git potential through SSB’s HEPdata solution. 

SSB utilizes both eMatch Donor Link and eMatch Portal, to simplify and automate the matching gift process.

4. Achieve your mission and goals through SSB’s data enrichment and analytics.

– Through its recent acquisition of ALUMiNate, SSB can also provide the highest quality and greatest quantity of prospect data using our incomparable record-matching technology and deep domain experience.

With this combination of tools at your fingertips, your advancement office can form deep connections with constituents and meet your higher education fundraising goals.

Advance your Advancement Office with Affinaquest

SSB’s products will provide our clients with a more diverse and robust opportunity to gain the insights they need. Our team members remain as dedicated as always to providing our customers with unparalleled customer service and timely updates.

“It’s fantastic to see how quickly our organizations are integrating. We’re laser-focused on offering our customers an even broader set of features and tools for their advancement operations – and our users are incredibly excited about these new opportunities,” said James Werner, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer of Affinaquest.

We look forward to our future as an SSB company.

Let us help you take advantage of all the new tools our acquisition brings you. See how Affinaquest can be a part of your organization’s future by requesting a demo today.

Connect More With SSB

Collectively, SSB’s experience in higher education and advancement, nonprofits and fundraising, and sports and entertainment demonstrate an aptitude for our core customers: advancement offices.

Let’s take a closer look at who SSB serves:

  • Higher Education and Advancement: SSB’s proprietary higher education and advancement solution grows fundraising levels, enriches donor engagement, and improves operational efficiencies.
  • Nonprofits and Fundraising: SSB helps nonprofit organizations fuel their mission by growing fundraising revenue, increasing donor engagement, and providing better data.
  • Sports and Entertainment: SSB provides sports and entertainment organizations a robust fan relationship toolkit that drives ticket sales and sponsorship revenue, enhances fan engagement, and allows teams to work smarter.

Learn how SSB helped the Saskatchewan Roughriders boost revenue and increase ticket sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, which you can download here.



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