Data Enrichment

Supercharge Constituent Engagement
with Data Enrichment

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Reach out to donors and
prospects confidently

Through our proprietary append matching and identity resolution tools, we deliver the up-to-date contact information essential to any market.


Grow your
prospect relationships

Craft personalized outreach to constituents to build meaningful relationships that grow your pipelines and donor base using our expanded profiles.


Refine your
prospect portfolios

We can help you zero in on top prospects and constituents to close more gifts and deals.


Be confident
in your data

Better data saves you time and money. We can help you be more efficient with your resources so you can focus on achieving outcomes.

By the Numbers


Total number of
engagement activity
recently scored for clients

2 Million+

Records tested to perfect
our append matching


Data fields available

Data Enrichment

Through our data enrichment solution, we offer every field of personal information you need to effectively identify and engage your prospects and donors.


Our proprietary processing routines provide validated email addresses and build confidence in quality email appends


Through our additional validation processes, we deliver verified and active cell and landline phone numbers


Our USPS-formatted mailing addresses have update flags so you can easily import and maintain good data hygiene in your CRM records


We pull from multiple sources of publicly available information and vendor indicators to determine high confidence traditional and non-traditional wealth indicators to use in your analytics


Our current and historical employment and industry information allows you to easily update your records to reflect your constituents' recent changes in employment status


We can help you identify causes and missions that your prospects donate to and engage with, which helps you match your initiatives to their interest

Action Flags

Confidently update your CRM with new and updated information on constituents


We combine our expertise in identifying, formatting, and flagging data to deliver quality updates on over 150 different data fields

Supercharge Your Data & Analytics

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