What the heck is an “iBOB”??

What the heck is an “iBOB”??

What the heck is an “iBOB”??
June 12, 2018 James Werner

Affinaquest shares your pain.

Like you, we’ve been pondering the advantages of “best of breed” vs. “integrated systems” for the past 25 years.  And now…we believe that we have largely solved the problem!

The answer is our trademarked Integrated Best of Breed (iBOB™) Advancement solution for higher education and non-profit fund raising. For the first time, institutions can enjoy the convenience and reliability of an “integrated” suite of development solutions, while simultaneously benefiting from true, “best in class” products for each specific business requirement.

Here’s how we did it: We started with a purpose-built advancement platform to smoothly manage all of your traditional development needs. Biographic/demographic data, sophisticated gift processing, campaign and prospect management, volunteer/membership administration, and reporting and analytics all reside in a tightly knit CORE™ (Constituent Operations & Resource Extender).

Affinaquest also understands that this intricate web of data connections and relationships must be instantly accessible and clearly understood. To that end, we have put countless hours of development work into making both summary and comprehensive views visible to all types of users, on both desktops and modern mobile devices.

Sure, our product is acknowledged to be best in class…but what else can it do?

I’m glad you asked – because the “what else” is what iBOB™ is all about! Beyond the CORE™ Advancement Platform, Affinaquest has curated a variety of Salesforce™-native and Salesforce™-compatible tools to expertly manage every element of your development program. That’s the “integrated” part of our Integrated Best of Breed.

First, it’s worth noting that Salesforce™ provides some excellent tools to manage constituent engagement, including the Salesforce Marketing Cloud™, Social Studio™, and associated products – but there are other choices in the Salesforce™ ecosystem that may fit your needs as well. In fact, for drop-in ease of deployment and affordability, the Salesforce platform offers literally thousands of add-on applications.

For Email Marketing, there are robust and affordable tools that operates within the same Salesforce™ database as Affinaquest itself. From adaptive and “drip” email campaigns, to newsletters and blogs, these products offer easy-to-use template builders, constituent selection, and ongoing response analytics. Whether you’re managing memberships or soliciting gifts, you have a variety of choices that can be “snapped in” to the Affinaquest platform and operational within hours and days – not weeks and months.

Events Management duties are deftly managed by many of our customers with Linvio™, another Salesforce™-native application with exceptional reliability and ease of use. With Linvio™, you’ll be freed from the tedious back-and-forth data transfers from third-party event managers. Linvio’s™ drag-and-drop tools let you set up and schedule unlimited events and event types, and manage online registrations, payment, and constituent engagement. Best of all, the data that you use and collect all reside natively in your own instance of Affinaquest.

Affinaquest also has you covered for Online Giving – one of your most mission critical points of constituent engagement. With Linvio’s™ PaymentConnect, you’ll have access to a fully-responsive online giving tool that features conditional logic, custom pick-lists, access to virtual terminals, and all the other bells and whistles you both need and expect. PaymentConnect™ is fully GDPR-compliant, is available on the Salesforce™ AppExchange, and is fully integrated into the Salesforce/Affinaquest database – out of the box!

Alumni Communities are a shifting target. From regional alumni chapters, to peer-to-peer fund raising, to directories and chat forums, the needs of our constituents continue to evolve. That’s why Affinaquest will soon be delivering a core Community with modular components to manage your increasingly integrated communications with your constituents.  From the creation of attractive pages with dynamic links and personalized content, to program-specific offerings, you’ll have access to a portal that will delight your constituents and your staff alike. Of course if you’re working with a vendor today that you like, there’s a good chance that they have a pre-built Salesforce connector as well!

Of course what goes on behind the scenes counts too. That’s why Affinaquest takes advantage of out-of-the-box hooks into data enrichment tools like MapAnything™, DoubleTheDonation™, WealthEngine™, Google Address, and Apsona™. We ensure that your data are screened and cleaned, your matching gift opportunities are automatically identified and that you can easily access and manipulate those data in direct-from-Salesforce™ mail merges, documents, and reports. In short, the openness of the Affinaquest platform creates a truly integrated environment in ways that other systems just can’t match.

Finally, Affinaquest brings reporting and business intelligence to an entirely new level. With the inclusion of either Einstein ™ or Tableau™ from Salesforce, users can benefit from increasingly sophisticated, multi-source reporting and analytics tools. Providing interactive, 360-degree graphical views into your data, these products live within the Salesforce™ environment.  Once set up, they do not require additional connections or interface switching, greatly streamlining their use. And in the burgeoning field of Artificial Intelligence, Affinaquest is partnering with  industry-leaders to vastly increase the efficiency, productivity…and enjoyment of your development officers, and senior management alike.

Put all of this together, and you have the Affinaquest Advancement Cloud™ – the first truly integrated, best of breed platform brought to you by the acknowledged experts in advancement software!

Of course while Affinaquest has put much thought and effort into its iBOB™ environment, some customers will prefer to use existing legacy tools, and others may have preferences for other modern advancement software components. Affinaquest is accustomed to these requests and is readily able to advise on and assist in their deployment. But whether you decide upon the Affinaquest packaged iBOB™ solution, or a combination of that and your own preferred tools, you can rest assured that your final environment will be the most robust and powerful one available today without a prescription!

Connect with and cultivate your constituents in one powerful system.