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Denver, CO (March 23, 2021) — SSB, a leading data management and analytics company, has partnered with Snowflake, a SaaS cloud-based data warehouse solution, to provide a next-generation data warehouse for professional sports organizations, collegiate athletics and higher education institutions. Infinitely scalable, highly performant, and secure, the partnership offers higher quality,  faster processing and data availability, improved systems monitoring and alerting, and enhanced reporting. The SSB Snowflake migration will take place over the next year.

After taking into account nearly a decade of processing and building data warehouse models, SSB selected Snowflake as the best choice to serve client needs. The partnership offers a data solution that requires minimal maintenance or installation while delivering higher data accuracy, on-demand compute and data storage scaling, and real-time data sharing on an extremely secure network.

Snowflake is built on top of public cloud infrastructure, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Snowflake provides an ANSI SQL-compliant system, making migration for many users simple and painless. Snowflake automatically manages, optimizes, maintains, and coordinates the components of the system, eliminating the need for manual data warehouse management. Built-in governance, sharing, and collaboration framework ensure clients can confidently and securely share data among business units and with partners.

Providing accurate, timely, and secure data is the essence of our mission and who we are as a company,” explains Shane Rose, VP of Engineering at SSB. “A migration to Snowflake enables us to deliver most effectively on those commitments through flexibility of storage, compute, and data governance, not to mention the cost benefits and higher efficiency.” 

Snowflake is trusted by large tech organizations such as Salesforce, Tableau, and DocuSign. 


About SSB 

SSB maximizes revenue and fundraising efforts for the higher education, collegiate athletics, professional sports and nonprofit industries through data management, data analytics, gift matching and CRM products and services. SSB provides ongoing access to relevant, real-time data and business intelligence that can be easily implemented toward driving fundraising and revenue goals. SSB serves over 1,500+ professional sports organizations, collegiate athletic departments, higher education institutions and non-profits. SSB was named the 2017 Microsoft U.S. Education Partner of the Year and is a contracted provider through E&I Cooperative Services. SSB is backed by Austin-based private equity firm Strattam Capital, and has offices in Denver, Nashville, and the Washington DC area. Learn more at or visit LinkedIn or Twitter.