Data Enrichment

Researchers and development officers have traditionally had to wait for updated prospect information, and to load those data in cumbersome ways. Now you can embed the tools you most frequently use to enhance and enrich your data – and add others to greatly extend your reach.

Wealth Screening & Address Updates

Dynamic uploads of all the latest information available at your fingertips. From bulk uploads across your database to the maintenance of individual prospect records, a simple click/refresh will bring useful news and current information to your hard-working development staff.

Matching Gifts

Is there matching gift potential from a prospect and his or her spouse? Affinaquest knows – and will automatically alert your gift processors while your batch is still open.


Visual displays of the locations of likely prospects and event attendees can be displayed within the platform, greatly reducing research and “interface hopping.”

Dynamic Profile Enrichment

From “social listening” to cross-platform profile searches, Affinaquest has partnered with the most innovative providers of data enrichment. Your development officers will be better prepared than ever before.

Connect with and cultivate your constituents in one powerful system.