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Every year, billions of dollars—yes, you read that right, BILLIONS—in matching gift revenue goes unclaimed. Thousands of corporations across the globe are willing and able to match donor gifts, often dollar for dollar. The challenge is identifying which donors are eligible and nurturing those opportunities to complete their paperwork can be very manual and time-consuming at scale.

At Affinaquest, we believe that matching gifts should be a foundational component of your fundraising strategy. Matching gifts are low-hanging fruit with a compelling story for donors. You are not asking for more money but simply asking for a few minutes of their time to complete a process that maximizes the impact of their gift to your organization.

Did you know 80% of matching gift-eligible donors do not know that their company will match their gift?

We can help with that.

Identifying who is matching gifts eligible

Based on the average results we see with our clients, up to 15% of donors to an organization could be matching gift eligible.

See Your Potential With The Matching Gift Scorecard

To uncover an accurate snapshot of your organization’s matching gift potential, we can assess your database free of charge through our Matching Gift Scorecard. First, you upload a sample file of your recent donors and employment information through a secure link. Then, we complete a one-time screen of the data to identify available matching gifts and provide you with the results.

We have seen scorecards returned with revenue as high as $15,000,000 and potential percent growth in the triple digits for matching gift revenue.

The Scorecard is entirely free and allows organizations to truly understand what growth potential exists for their specific situation.

Keep Your Donors’ Employment Info Up To Date

The catalyst to any matching gifts opportunity is knowing which organizations are matching their employees’ gifts in the first place. Affinaquest maintains a proprietary database of 23,000+ companies that our research team closely monitors for updates on policies, match guidelines, and contact information needed to submit the paperwork. The integrity of this data is paramount to a successful matching gift strategy, which is why our team closely monitors parent companies, subsidiaries, and divisions by regularly checking in with each company.

Access to this database allows your team to uncover previously unknown matching gifts opportunities by appending employment information for your database.

Nurturing Matching Gift Opportunities

Can you believe that of the matching gift opportunities organizations are aware of, only 30% convert into completed matching gifts?

It’s easy to see how all of these missed opportunities can add up quickly.

Most organizations are excited to see their revenue potential, which is usually far beyond what they had imagined, but overwhelmed at the task of following up on each opportunity. Some organizations have a dedicated team member solely responsible for matching gift outreach. For many organizations, managing this efficiently and strategically is logistically impossible.

That’s why Affinaquest created our comprehensive platform AffinityX2 with Auto Match that allows you to identify opportunities automatically, track their status, and send automated but personalized communication to save your team time and energy. Auto Match integrates at the point of gift to capture the donor’s employer and quickly identify a new matching gift opportunity, increasing matching gift revenue on average by 53% in just year 1.

For Veronica Rose at Juvenile Diabetes and Research Foundation, Auto Match allowed her organization to connect with 5,000 donors efficiently and effectively, collecting over $800,000 in matching gift revenue in less than a year.

Auto Match makes it easy to maximize the impact of every donation and makes matching gifts the easiest part of your annual fundraising strategy. Would you like to know how much matching gift revenue you’re missing out on? Contact the Affinaquest Matching Gifts team to learn more.