Affordable Pricing

Pricing to Fit Your Budget

Our goal is to provide affordable, easy to understand pricing so that organizations of any size can access the most current technologies utilizing comprehensive fundraising database management techniques. So Affinaquest’s pricing is always for an unlimited number of seats. And the Salesforce Foundation provides a free 10-seat license for the platform on which Affinaquest is built.*

The subscription fee includes unlimited use of Affinaquest online support including: email, live chat, and community forum; unlimited attendance at live web training sessions as well as access to videos of all training sessions.

Additional Integration and Support


To extend the functionality of the system, integration components for selected applications are available with full service and support directly from Affinaquest for an additional fee.

*The Salesforce Foundation offers additional Salesforce seats at an 80% discount, which presently translates to just $30 per month for each additional seat after the 10 free seats. Affinaquest seats are unlimited at no extra charge.