Jeff Shy


Recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on Advancement Donor Systems for universities, founder Jeff Shy has created a 21st Century Donor Management System on the salesforce.com platform. This new system for Donor Relationship Management has no peer in its use of the Salesforce platform for prospect management, major gift opportunity management and centralized gift processing management for nonprofit institutions. Affinaquest enables one centralized Donor Database for dozens of new and innovative applications including online and social networking solutions for the nonprofit marketplace.

Jeff has more than 40 years of experience bringing innovative technology and processes improvement to the nonprofit and educational advancement communities. His distinguished career has been focused on developing and applying approachable technologies for the fundraising, development and advancement profession.

Jeff has experienced the information needs of the fundraising professional from every angle.  As a user, he served as the Director of Development Services at the College of William and Mary, providing oversight for the operations of the advancement office. As a software developer, prior to Affinaquest, he founded and sold a successful company which creates, markets, and supports dedicated software packages for fundraising at over 2,200 institutions.  And, as a consultant, he has advised countless advancement professionals regarding appropriate technology solutions for their organizations.

Jeff has designed and directed the creation of fundraising systems on nine different database architectures over the past forty years. He consistently makes sure that fundraisers are on the leading edge in the evolving world of information technology. From mainframe to minicomputers, to Windows-based personal computers and now to cloud-based applications, Jeff has been a leader in nonprofit software platforms. His latest, cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) function flawlessly on multiple operating systems, from Windows to Apple OS X to Linux.

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John E. Walvoord, Ph.D.

Chairman, Affinaquest
Managing Partner, Social Sector Ventures

For more than forty years Dr. John Walvoord has been a pioneer in the application of direct response marketing principles and technology to the task of funding nonprofit organizations.  He has spent much of his professional career as a strategic planner and change agent for dozens of nonprofits and educational institutions.

As an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist he has founded five companies that serve the nonprofit sector and a venture capital company, Social Sector Ventures.

Dr. Walvoord holds several graduate degrees including a Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia University in NYC.  He has been a pioneer in applying rigorous research methodologies to donor communication and the management of donor relationship value.

In the early 1970’s Dr. Walvoord developed some of the first systems for donor relationship management and over the succeeding decades has helped design and implement more than six generations of donor management systems.  The goal each time has been to use new insights and cutting-edge technology to manage and maximize donor value.

The best-of-class donor database and management tools necessary for multichannel communication have been the natural result of these early landmark successes in the use of personalized conditional content.  The goal of the entire process is to facilitate donor bonding by the careful management of one-to-one communication with donors and prospects.  In the current context this means more effective use of existing channels of communication blended with digital communication and social networking to facilitate and increase donor participation in campaigns and causes.

Currently Dr. Walvoord is the Managing Partner of Social Sector Ventures, a venture capital firm.  He selected Affinaquest as the top contender to become the best 21st century donor management system.  He brings investment muscle and visionary leadership to Affinaquest.  Dr. Walvoord believes Jeff Shy has created an extraordinary donor management system which incorporates all the best practical experience of the past in its database design and functional specifications.  As a new company Affinaquest is not tied to the disparate patchwork quilt of old systems and software being currently sold in the nonprofit marketplace.

Affinaquest has a crisp new database design based on years of experience, but it also has the obvious advantage of the best in state-of-the-art cloud computing and security provided by the Salesforce platform.  Clients on the Affinaquest system have the promise of the continued support and value added by the Salesforce Foundation.

As Chairman of Affinaquest, Dr. Walvoord will have an active role in helping to advance Jeff Shy’s vision for a true multichannel Donor Management System that will meet the needs of nonprofits and universities in a rapidly changing fundraising environment.  Dr. Walvoord and Jeff Shy represent two industry leaders that share a common vision to serve nonprofits. These seasoned professionals began in the nonprofit marketplace and together have deep industry knowledge from 80 years spent in serving universities, humanitarian organizations and world changing causes.

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Chris Goodman

Vice President
Sales and Marketing

Chris is a leading marketing strategist who fuses brand development, consumer behavior, social trends and direct response to inject significant performance improvement for nonprofit clients.

Chris’s passions range from strategy to analytics and from branding to response rates, with a zeal for fusing highly creative ideas together with measurable results.

Chris is an experienced leader, bringing extensive software and technology experience from a broad array of marketing and executive positions at rapidly growing start-up innovators as well as large multinational organizations including: Siemens AG, Northern Telecom, DSC Communications (acquired, ALU),  ipVerse, jNetX, and ipNETfusion (acquired, EXFO).

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Harry King

Vice President
Data Integration and Implementation

Harry began his career working as engineer in training on the Platinum mines near Rustenburg, South Africa. After earning his National Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current) from Vaal Triangle Technikon (now Vaal University of Technology), he moved on to Siemens Cables where he worked in the electrical cable design, production planning, quality assurance and programming departments.

Harry continued his career with Eskom where he was promoted through the ranks from Energy Advisor, to Regional Forecaster, to Regional Customer Service Support Manager, to National Customer Service Data Manager. Harry has also studied management at the University of Pretoria. He also achieved project management certificates and served as project manager with Medscheme on numerous endeavors which varied from call center system implementation to medical aid member services.

He then joined Sui Generis Solutions and was responsible for installation, customer support, training and quality management of the performance management software they developed. He continued his career as Project Manager and Consultant with Executive Business Solutions in Midrand, South Africa, on process mapping and performance management projects.

After several years serving the needs of nonprofit organizations with 2Dialog, a US-based company providing an online fundraising solutions to nonprofit clients around the world, Harry now provides oversight for the implementation process that includes data integration and implementation for new Affinaquest customers.

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Kathy Finley

Vice President
Customer Experience

Kathy’s deep passion for education and her personal commitment to quality tools for nonprofit institutions make her the ideal leader for Affinaquest’s customer experience department. She makes sure that clients leave Affinaquest’s training program empowered to succeed including the development of a robust video library for ongoing reference.

Kathy also oversees quality assurance review and testing. Her background is in education and she has more than twelve years of experience building leading edge documentation and QA programs for nonprofit advancement software systems.

Though modest about her achievements, Kathy brings experience, understanding and a commitment to quality and customer service in her role as Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, at Affinaquest.

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