Flexible security configurations

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  • Profiles define a user’s permission to perform different functions within Affinaquest. Profiles control the tabs visible to the user; which page layouts and fields the user can view; data types that can be created, edited, or deleted; and field level security.
  • Roles define a user’s place in the organizational hierarchy. These roles are used to specify whether users have access to the data owned by or shared with their subordinates in the hierarchy.
  • User authentication is provided by Salesforce, but some organizations may wish to use an existing single sign-on capability to simplify and standardize their user authentication. There are two options to implement single sign-on: delegated authentication or federated authentication using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).
  • Report security enforces secure access to certain reports and the data that is displayed on that report.
  • Session based security is utilized to control the session expiration for user logins.
  • Login audit history is maintained to record modification history, login times, field tracking and to maintain an administrative setup audit trail.
  • Network based security Salesforce includes the ability to restrict users’ ability to log in by restricting the hours during which they can log in and the range of IP addresses from which they can log in.