Gifts and Pledges

Fully auditable gift processing

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Fully auditable gifts and pledges

  • Single gifts with unlimited designations are fully supported.
  • IRS and FASB rules are fully implemented and enforced, including conditional and unconditional pledges.
  • Pledges can include multiple, irregular installments.  Forecasts of future income can be based upon the pledge billing data.
  • Matching gifts are fully supported.  Each gift can have multiple matches, including matches based upon spousal employment.
  • Soft credits can be recorded for any gift or pledge.
  • Tributes can be recorded for any gift or pledge and appear on both the donor and the honoree’s records.
  • Full batch controls are implemented to ensure that accurate and auditable gift processing occurs.
  • Recurring gifts track a series of gifts given by a donor over a specified or indefinite time period.
  • Automated giving summaries for constituents and campaigns make reporting, forecasting, and review of data quicker and easier.
  • Export of gift transactions to Quicken or other accounting programs is supported.